EPCH Whitepaper

Burn Mechanism

EPCH has a deflationary mechanism, which means at every transaction 2% of the token supply will be sent to the burn address to be destroyed. Hence the tokens are excluded from the current supply. This will gradually increase the confidence of our clients by increasing the token value of their holdings.

Automatic Liquidity (LP)

There is a two-prong mechanism in place to maintain the liquidity. First, the contract automatically allocates tokens from sellers and buyers, and adds 4% of each transaction to the Liquidity Pool hence gradually raising the price floor. This ensure that the token holders can have sufficient liquidity to be in and out of a trade. Secondly, the mechanism sets the arbitrage resistance that secures the volume of EPCH tokens for the loyal HODLERs.

An Effective Team

We are an enthusiastic team of individuals who love crypto and are there to serve the community. The crypto space keeps getting crowded by the day and more challenges arise with time. We are prepared to take on challenges faced by an ordinary individual in the crypto space.

Anti-Whale Mechanism (LP)

We have introduced anti-whale function that restricts anyone to buy over 1% of the Total circulating supply. We are confident that this model and protocol will prevail. All of this is an effort to alleviate some roadblocks we have seen with the current DeFi tokens. This protocol will prevail over the outdated mechanism.

EPCH Protocol

EPCH employs 3 simple functions: Reflection + LP acquisition + Burn In each trade, the transaction is taxed a 8% fee, as follows;
4% fee redistributed to all existing holder
4% fee added to Liquidity at PancakeSwap 

Secure Contract

We have a mechanism in place that is fair and secure for our clients, we have anti-rug and anti-whale measures to ensure customer’s trust.

Fair Launch

No pre-sale or scammy ICOs,  fair launch with anti-bot and anti-whale measures in place. It ensures and keeps an anti-dump check.

Locked LP

LP Liquidity locked for six months to ensure smooth transcations. 4% of each transcation provides liquidity on PancakeSwap.


With 4% reward to existing token holders, effectively raising the value of the tokens and provide passive income for our clients. 


Every transcation has an automatic 2% token burn. Every trade buy or sell will result in a portion of tokens sent to burn address.

EPCH The DeFi Meme Token